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Together by thanshuhai Together by thanshuhai
Happy birthday my sugar. I wish I was there with you for your special day.. It's not yet possible but I know the day will come that we will be together. I love you.


Well I tried painting directly with color this piece & I am quite happy with the output, I don't know if this have any difference with my previous works they kinda look the same but this style is pretty fun to do(maybe I just got tired of greyscale :XD:).
This is a very well designed and amazing art piece! I've rarely come across amazing artwork like this nowadays. Now, to the questions:

Vision: The vision is amazing! I really felt something when I looked at this, as if a sense of wanting to see them in real life. Like far away friends. The way you used the eye colors on the anthros is cool!

Originality: Wonderful Originality! The two posing for the picture really fits to the hidden message.

Technique: Excellent technique on making the picture seem real, while having some cartoon aspects in them. For a moment, I thought that this was an actual photo! The way the characters look is also amazing!

Impact: This Art piece really gives an impact to me and what it's message might be. Could this be a picture a friend sent to someone close to him? Or is it to his family? We may never know...

Overall: This amazing art piece really deserves to be a featured work on DA. You have an amazing gift and I encourage you to keep on going with amazing art work like this.
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Wow, this picture is stunning! All of your pictures are wonderful but this one in particular caught my eye :D

I love how the shading you used made the hair, fur and clothes look real, but still maintain that cartoony vibe. This goes for the adorable faces, too: they contain realistic elements, but the light-hearted style really adds to the overall happy mood of this painting. The highlights and shadowing are all just lovely.
The expressions are perfect: I love especially how you did the reflections in their eyes! It really makes the picture seem like it could really be happening. The composition is spot on, and I particularly like how you drew them in a realistic camera pose! You can see the fox's arm stretched out, possibly holding the camera; a cute and clever technique to make the characters appear to be in a real situation.
Overall, I don't think there's anything you could improve with this! It's a wonderful portrait and I think you should be very pleased with the result!
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
43 out of 44 deviants thought this was fair.

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January 15, 2013
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